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Meeting Minutes for Sept. 20, 2017

by airpark - January 24th, 2018.
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Those Present; Bill Bevan, Peter & Magdalena Dlugosch, Edward Waterous, Jon & Sabina Kaufmann, Courtney, Rob & Sage Cody, Rob Beagle and Bob & Dawn White.

Minutes were read from the last meet. Bill Bevan made a motion to accept the minutes, Peter Dlugosch second the motion. All in favor.

Treasures report; We have a balance of $12,408.67 as of the meeting. And we have $6,158.00 in accounts receivable. Bill Bevan motion to accept Treasures Report. Peter Dlugosch second the motion. All in favor.

Old Business; Filed a lien on Lot #48 with the county. Windsock in good shape still. Will check it out in the spring and if need be we’ll replace it with a new one.

New Business; Payment was made for the web sight.

Bill Bevan motion to adjourn meeting. Ed Waterous seconded. All in Favor.

Get together followed with lots of good food. Thanks to ever one for coming and bring the grub.

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