Air Park North


by airpark - November 27th, 2019.
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Meeting was held at Bob & Dawn’s 12:00

treasures report was read, passed

Old bus.    letter was sent from   Shoemaker’s on association dues, Jon contacted them with currant amount owed, have received no payment

talked to Mr. Chorba about plowing snow across the road

New bus.  approved 250.00 money for paint , hand sprayer for fence and gate, will try to do before winter, weather permitting, if not will do in the spring.

motion to keep tabs on road damage with pictures

motion to switch back to Saturday’s for meetings, hope to attract more people, also send post cards out for meetings

meeting dates at this time will be in March[ in Clare ], May, September, more if required

raise dues for Air plane club from 200.00 to 300.00

motion to close meeting, passed

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