Air Park North

minutes of oct. 4,2014

by airpark - April 8th, 2015.
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Board members present, Peter, Bob, Dawn; absent, John
No treasure report for this meeting
Old busn. inquirery on lot 29 for county auction for back taxes; found out that they were paid, property not on auction list.
Richardson road clean up, property owners along Richardson rd need to clean up area between property line and road and county will come in and straighten and grade the road wider
Young eagles flying program, inquire from them about doing a day flying program
maintenance contracts;
mowing, beckey Beagle 750.00 per season, accepted, payment to be made in May 2015
Snow plowing, S J FAMILY LAWN CARE, 3750.00, OCT2014-OCT2015, APPROX. 6 MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO BE MADE, accepted
repaint Arthur Lane sign
need to acquire plot map for Airpark North
descustion on truck or tractor purchase for road maintenance of Arthur Lane; tabled until spring 2015 meeting
meeting spring of 2015; SATURDAY , MAY 2ND, 12:00 NOON, 6696 ARTHUR LANE, BOB &DAWN’S

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