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by airpark - July 22nd, 2016.
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Hello Jenny, Jon is unavailable,so I will answer your questions.We can’t post the by laws on this web page because they take to much space. I can give you a copy at Saturday’s meeting. For the record of flights in and out. we are not a commercial airport, there is no requirement to file a flight plan out of this location. dues breakdown, base lot fees for 46 lots- 1150; mowing @ 31 lots -1085 ;road miant. @ 31 lots -2945; Dust control @ 31 lots -992 , total 6172 to be collected, providing all property owners pay. From that amount collected we are committed for maintenance [mowing grading snow plowing dust control ] for 4700.00, this leaves a balance of 1472 to cover any other operating costs,example, tax filing ,audits,wind socks,web page,etc. I hope this answers your concerns. please attend our meeting this Saturday if you have anything further

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  1. Thank you for your response. I am so sorry I cannot make it up there on these planned dates. I am up on our property every Memorial weekend for sure and maybe a meeting could be set up then?
    Anyways, can you please guess at how many landings and takeoffs we have at our location in a given year? or 6 months? or every summer? I would really like that information. Thanks, Jennifer

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